Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Our Testimony

You see those towels in the background? When we only had one kid, the three of us lived in a studio in Orange County. Our (at the time) one year old was an incredibly light sleeper. This meant Aaron and I hung out in the bathroom during nap time and bed time. We chatted, took Bible study, or watched Lord of the Rings on the laptop. That room had the only interior door in the apartment so this way, baby would sleep while we spent time together.

Aaron worked three jobs in order to pay off credit cards as well as my school loan, pay for our car's over haul, and most importantly, let me be home to nurse and take care of our baby. Aaron worked and worked and the Lord provided my man with the energy, ability, desire, and resources to take care of our family while I took care of the home.

In that bathroom, we were taken on an epic journey of humility and refinement by God. The Lord rearranged our priorities and taught us to fear Him, alone. We learned to only seek His approval and His direction. That year, so many people (godly and ungodly) took advantage of us but it was our fault. We allowed the will of those people to override specific instructions the Holy Spirit had given us. So here's to casting off man's expectations and seeking to please just Jesus.
Fully taking on the yoke of the Lord is the most freeing thing I've ever done. Don't allow social norms, pastors, the media, best friends, POTUS or the tooth fairy to tell you what you need to do or why you should do x, y, and z because it's "normal." What does the Holy Spirit want from you? What does the Bible say?

I'm thankful the Lord taught us our lessons in a bathroom rather than in the belly of a whale like Jonah or in prison like Paul. Some people would say that all that time we spent in that bathroom was weird or unnecessary. However, we've learned not to be concerned with "normal."

Click here to read the entire chapter of 1 Peter 2.  Click here to select a different translation.

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