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CLEAN BEAUTY: MooGoo Anti-Ageing and Brightening Cream

Along with Rachel's Plan Bee, I'm so loyal to my MooGoo.  This Australian brand is not only thoughtful and generous, but they're also transparent and natural.  Just read their website and you'll see that they explain each and every ingredient they work with.

A couple of their products that I repurchase over and over are their Anti-Ageing Face Cream and their Brightening Cream.  The Anti-Ageing, I apply in the morning and in the winter, throughout the day as well.  The Brightening Cream goes on at night.  I LOVE both products and believe they both work well.  I have no aging evidence, my skin is clear, moisturized, and the creams do not smell weird (that's important to me).  Most importantly, the ingredients are clean!  Yay!

Another thing that I love about these creams is that they come in airless containers.  They do this to keep the natural ingredients from spoiling quickly.

Have you tried MooGoo?  If so, which of their products have you used?


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