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FAITH: Judges 5

I'm going to say something that might bother some people, but as a wife of a worship leader and song writer, I've seen some things that others may not have considered before...

Most current mainstream worship music sounds the same and repeats the same effeminate sentiment - "God is beautiful and mighty and protects me." This is a wonderful message, but there many other keys, tempos, styles, and messages that are worship as well. There are also other worship writers besides Chris Tomlin and Hillsong (nothing against them, I just feel like I exclusively hear their writings on the radio).

So often in church, I've seen many men and teens, for example, showing up late to purposefully miss worship. They love the Lord, but they just don't identify with the (corporate) worship. It's hard for some people to understand the same, repetitive sentiment when they're going through some very different things. Or when going through something new, it's easy to sing along without engaging the heart because the heart is elsewhere at the moment.

What I love about Deborah's song in Judges 5, Moses' song, and David's psalms, for example, is that they're written by different people who went through very different experiences. These songs are about victory, prophesy, heart break, betrayal, love, sorrow, etc.

I'm not introspective at all. So when I realize I'm feeling something, I like to flip around in Psalms. There are so many types of worship going on in this book, David was constantly writing when he went through different things, not just when he was feeling lovey dovey for God. Soon enough, I'll find some verses with which to identify. What a wonderful thing it is for a grieving person or someone who was betrayed, or someone whose faith is wavering to find a worship song that speaks directly to their heart yet helps connect their heart to the Lords?

I'm not saying that worship leaders need to run the entire spectrum of emotions in their set lists. What I am saying is that if you feel like you don't connect with worship at the moment, keep looking beyond Jeremy Camp and Kari Jobe. The Bible says there's nothing new under the sun. You're not the only one who is feeling this way or the only one who has undergone that. Someone else who empathizes with you has penned the same feelings along with directing the song to the Lord.

In a nutshell, there are many different types of worship that help bring us closer to the Lord. We should always keep an eye out for it.

Click here to read the entire chapter of Judges 5.  Click here to select a different translation.

Thank you for reading.  Jesus LOVES you.

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