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CLEAN BEAUTY: We Love Eyes Tea Tree Eyelid & Eyelash Makeup Remover Oil

I make no secret of the fact that I wear false eyelashes often (they save the step of eyeliner, curling, and mascara).  The mink eyelashes I use are reusable - as long as they're properly cared for.  This reason as well as the fact that I hate unnecessary tugging at my eyelids (it accelerates aging) is why I use We Love Eyes Tea Tree Eyelid & Eyelash Makeup Remover Oil at the base of my false lashes (where the glue meets my lid).  I also use this oil to remove the eyeliner under my bottom lashes.

This makeup removing oil works well.  As well as my coconut oil, however, the reason I like the We Love Eyes oil is because of the dropper.  It makes for easier application to my fingertips without having to dig into my coconut oil jar.

I appreciate that the ingredients in this oil are simple and straightforward.  I also like that it comes in a dark tinted glass bottle (staves off oxidation as much as possible).

I received this oil in my Petit Vour box and have happily used it ever…

FAITH: Video - Five Things Women Need to do Before Marriage

Below, is the script from today's video...

Today, we are talking about five things women need to do before they get married.

1. Enjoy the single season.  This is your opportunity to learn independence.  In my opinion, I believe that women and men need to learn how to be comfortable with just themselves.  Because if you don't like being alone with you, why would you expect someone else to enjoy being alone with you?  You might marry someone who needs some quiet time or needs to take a walk alone in order to think or meditate on the Lord and if you're not okay with just being still, being silent by yourself, there's a good chance you're going to drive him nuts.  Learn some independence right now.  It'll help.  It'll pay off.

2. Make a list.  Make a list of things you want to do before you get married.  Like a bucket list before you tie the knot - so, like a "knot list."  Make a list of new things you want to learn and experience before you get married…

CLEAN BEAUTY: MooGoo Anti-Ageing and Brightening Cream

Along with Rachel's Plan Bee, I'm so loyal to my MooGoo.  This Australian brand is not only thoughtful and generous, but they're also transparent and natural.  Just read their website and you'll see that they explain each and every ingredient they work with.

A couple of their products that I repurchase over and over are their Anti-Ageing Face Cream and their Brightening Cream.  The Anti-Ageing, I apply in the morning and in the winter, throughout the day as well.  The Brightening Cream goes on at night.  I LOVE both products and believe they both work well.  I have no aging evidence, my skin is clear, moisturized, and the creams do not smell weird (that's important to me).  Most importantly, the ingredients are clean!  Yay!

Another thing that I love about these creams is that they come in airless containers.  They do this to keep the natural ingredients from spoiling quickly.

Have you tried MooGoo?  If so, which of their products have you used?


FAITH: Judges 5

I'm going to say something that might bother some people, but as a wife of a worship leader and song writer, I've seen some things that others may not have considered before...

Most current mainstream worship music sounds the same and repeats the same effeminate sentiment - "God is beautiful and mighty and protects me." This is a wonderful message, but there many other keys, tempos, styles, and messages that are worship as well. There are also other worship writers besides Chris Tomlin and Hillsong (nothing against them, I just feel like I exclusively hear their writings on the radio).

So often in church, I've seen many men and teens, for example, showing up late to purposefully miss worship. They love the Lord, but they just don't identify with the (corporate) worship. It's hard for some people to understand the same, repetitive sentiment when they're going through some very different things. Or when going through something new, it's easy to sin…

FAITH: Joshua 24

To say I'm grateful for the Lord's graciousness is an understatement. Both my parents come from a direct line of people who habitually made deplorable decisions. My grandparents and great grandparents, etc constantly chose everything but God and it has brought so much suffering on the following generations. For Jesus to reach out to me despite my ancestors rejecting Him shows He has love for EVERY person. He offers every generation a chance to choose Heaven or Hell. No one is lost on Him no matter what family they come from.

I'm amazed with God's patience and so thankful He sought to renew the covenant with the Israelites. Not only did he give them another chance, but he also included the younger generations in this offer.

Click here to read the entire chapter of Joshua 24.  Click here to select a different translation.

Thank you for reading.  Jesus LOVES you.

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FAITH: Ecclesiastes 10:11

This verse is comparing wisdom to charm and a fool to a serpent. In other words, you have a better chance imparting wisdom to someone (particularly someone not intrested in wisdom) with gentleness and patience. Matthew Henry provides an example of this scenario with, "...a ruler that has liberty of speech and may say what he will, it is as dangerous dealing with him as with a serpent uncharmed; but, if you use the enchantment of a mild and humble submission, you may be safe and out of danger..." If you're trying to share the gospel with someone, or just wisdom, picture yourself as a snake charmer. You must enchant with patience and love, not shouting and hurling insults. Click here to see the rest of the chapter.  Click here to select a different translation. Thank you for reading.  Jesus LOVES you.

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FAITH: Judges 4

Click here to read the entire chapter of Judges 4 in New Living Translation.  Click here to select a different translation.

This chapter is full of astonishing lessons.

First, God claims victory in battle through women; Deborah as well as Jael. Women are called the (physically) weaker vessels, yet that doesn't stop the Lord. He placed incredible courage in Deborah to join Barak in assembling for battle as well as prompted Jael to end Sisera's life despite her not knowing if she would be caught in the act.

Secondly, Matthew Henry points out the seriousness of Sisera's pride saying, "he that thought to destroy Israel with his many iron chariots is himself destroyed with one iron nail." Henry also reminds us that none of us should hold value in our own strength because like Sisera, when we're asleep, our strength is all gone. Just like weak vessels, the physically strong are equally at the mercy of anyone seeking our lives while we slumber.

Personally, I loosely…

FAITH: Our Testimony

You see those towels in the background? When we only had one kid, the three of us lived in a studio in Orange County. Our (at the time) one year old was an incredibly light sleeper. This meant Aaron and I hung out in the bathroom during nap time and bed time. We chatted, took Bible study, or watched Lord of the Rings on the laptop. That room had the only interior door in the apartment so this way, baby would sleep while we spent time together.

Aaron worked three jobs in order to pay off credit cards as well as my school loan, pay for our car's over haul, and most importantly, let me be home to nurse and take care of our baby. Aaron worked and worked and the Lord provided my man with the energy, ability, desire, and resources to take care of our family while I took care of the home.

In that bathroom, we were taken on an epic journey of humility and refinement by God. The Lord rearranged our priorities and taught us to fear Him, alone. We learned to only seek His approval and His d…