Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Joshua 15:63

I'm following the First5 online Bible study right now.  We just read Joshua, chapter 15 in which we zeroed in on verse 63…“Judah could not dislodge the Jebusites, who were living in Jerusalem; to this day the Jebusites live there with the people of Judah.” (NIV)

Here are my thoughts...

It's common for us to recognize when the Lord calls us to "capture" an area He wants us to inherit. It's also common for a lot of us to quit before we've captured that area.  We can do this by choosing not to kick the enemy out of an area the Holy Spirit wants for us.  People limit their own territories or settle with sharing with the enemy because they didn't follow God's complete instructions.

Ten years ago, I felt the Lord wanted me to volunteer in kids Sunday School.  I shyly approached the director of children's ministry at my church and asked if I could clean the classrooms or take out the trash after church.  Instead, he appointed me as worship leader for the children.  I had/have no musical talent whatsoever.  You could call me musically declined.  But the children's director felt a prompting from the Lord.  I faithfully accepted my "inheritance," learned everything I could from the other two worship leaders, begged the Holy Spirit to lead me, and dove right in.  Those years of leading the children in worship challenged, blessed, and transformed my walk with the Lord in incredible ways.  I'll never be the same and I can't thank God enough for this time I got to serve Him in this area.

I could easily have turned down this opportunity of leading worship.  The children's director says he'll always remember the look of terror in my eyes when he gave his counter offer.  At the time, my thoughts were,  "I can't sing, I don't understand music.  I'm going to look ridiculous!  I don't have the time.  Just emptying trash cans and cleaning whiteboards fits better into my schedule."  The Lord knew better though.  At the time, I had just enough faith to say yes to what turned out to be a HUGE blessing.

If God blesses you with a job, then  fully go in there as a strong Christian with joy, peace, and love. Respectful yet unafraid of your boss.  Also, be sure that you're blameless and hard working.

If the Lord blesses you with singleness, rejoice over the freedom you have to serve more!  Don't get distracted with any man who is not the one the Lord says "yes" to and be strict in avoiding temptation.  Don't allow any guy you're not related to to come over and hang out when no one else is around.

If the Holy Spirit prompts you to start a ministry, don't quit after two weeks because no one has showed up.  Are you giving God glory?  Stick with it no matter the attendance size.  Ask the Lord to increase your faith and to help you stubbornly stick by His will.
The enemy is going to place minions in every area God wants us to be in.  This chapter is a great reminder that as children of God, we must fully fight for our inheritance.

Personally, I have a long history of quitting and therefore not inheriting the gifts and opportunities the Lord has set for me.  Right now, I'm trying to keep moving forward with a project I believe the Holy Spirit has been prompting me to do for years.  I'm discouraged everyday because I don't see the results I want right now.  My Type A personality wants to quit so I can apply my time and energy to something else that will give me "results."  I see nothing coming right now but I'm proceeding in faith that the Lord has called me to do this.  Perhaps we'll never get to see Jesus water the seeds He has us planting right now, but our ultimate goal is to hear Him say, "well done, my good and faithful servant."

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