Monday, January 23, 2017

Joshua 14:8

I'm following the First5 online Bible study right now. We just read Joshua, chapter 14 in which we're reminded of Caleb's strong faith in the Lord. Despite the opposition around him, Caleb was unafraid to walk in the Lord's will because he trusted in God so much. "but my brothers who went with me frightened the people from entering the Promised Land. For my part, I wholeheartedly followed the Lord my God." Joshua 14:8 (NLT) Here are my thoughts... Caleb was unafraid, unlike the other spies. It's much harder to get deterred in the face of fire when we're rooted in the Lord. Caleb locked his eyes on God and that's why he was unafraid and able to cling onto the Lord's will. When our faith waivers or we don't do well in a test, we must ask ourselves, "what was my reason I signed up for this in the first place?" Years ago, the Lord revealed specific plans to us. He confirmed His plans and opened doors for us to proceed in this direction. Then, our pastor at the time presented an offer to us that led to a very different direction. We struck hands with the pastor. Our reasoning was, "he's a godly man. This has to be from the Lord." We made the huge mistake of overwriting God's will. We couldn't have been more wrong in this choice. We almost lost everything as a result. The Holy Spirit was clear to us, yet by going with someone else's offer, we walked away from His will. We were wrong to place trust in a man over God and we were let down in a huge way. But that's what happens when you trust fallible man over the Lord. All people are fallible, including the godly. It's commendable for Caleb to stick by the Lord's promise in the face of adversity. His trust in God was so strong, he stayed on the path to victory. Unlike the other spies, Caleb didn't allow other people to sway him from confidently proceeding toward the Lord's will.
Do not allow yourself to get led astray from God's will. Whether it's an intimidating group of people trying to frighten you away (like what we see in the book of Joshua) or a godly person offering you something different from what the Lord wants, make sure you stubbornly stick to what God says.

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