Saturday, January 21, 2017

Joshua 13

I'm following the First5 online Bible study right now. We just read Joshua, chapter 13 in which the Lord prompts Joshua to divvy up the promised land to the tribes of Israel.

Here are my thoughts...

As Christians, we're no longer in Egypt and no longer slaves to the enemy. We belong to Christ now. No more, are we subject to sin. As soon as the Holy Spirit first indwelled in us, we arrived in the figurative "promised land." In the promised land, we're free to resist sin and we can choose to be under the Lord's protection from enemy attacks.  

I love Joshua 13 in that 1. God points out to Joshua that he's old and needs to wrap things up. We may not be old right now (or consider ourselves old) but when the Holy Spirit presses on us to do something for him, we need to act on it.  Be faithful now. God may be giving us one more chance to get things done because He knows we're out of time.  

2. Even though the Hebrews are now in the promised land, their work is not done. The enemy still wants to rob, infiltrate, and destroy. As Christians, the enemy can't inhibit our bodies or force us to sin. And we get to call on Jesus' name for strength and protection. But this doesn't mean that the enemy is going to back off from trying to occupy the areas we have to deal with.  

The territory the Lord has blessed me with right now includes a husband, two children, a home in a small town, a church to attend, parents, siblings, friends etc. What has God blessed you with? A job? Loving friends? A mom who won't quit on you? Ministry? A car? What a great inheritance! But know that the enemy wants it. He wants to rip apart our marriages, take our children, come into our homes, discredit each of our witnesses, separate us from other believers etc. Whatever you have inherited from the Lord, the enemy wants. In a nutshell; the battle's not over just because we're in the promised land.

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