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FAITH: The Perfect Christmas Gift for Paul the Apostle

Paul the Apostle was a man of great faith.  He gave up prestige and a respected reputation because he loved Jesus.  Paul worshiped God with his life and he glorified the Lord at every opportunity.  If Paul was able to walk with us in 2016 western life, this is probably what his Christmas wish list would look like... 

1. You to take a day off work and hang out with him at the DMV.  Together, you'll both minister to the all the people waiting in line.  You'll lay hands and ask God to give sight to those who failed their eye exams.  Matthew 20:16 will be preached to those who have speeding and road rage tendencies.  But you're not there just to be salt and light, Paul is also at the DMV to fill out a name change form.

2. Great walking shoes for those cross country, gospel-sharing hikes.  There's a possibility he'll feel more at home in Vibram five-toes.  Bonus points if you get him a shoe shine kit as well.  Not as many people are barefoot these days, but Paul will probably still want to tend to other's feet in some way. 

3. A prepaid cell phone with unlimited texting and for you to pray that God would equip Paul with the gift of tongues so he can minister to millennials over IOS.

4. A snake bite kit and/or a lock picking kit (if you have wavering faith).

In all seriousness though, if you're imitating Paul as he imitates Jesus Christ, consider asking for the following when your friends and family ask for your Christmas wish list…

1. A bunch of $5 gift cards to local fast food restaurants.  They're not to satisfy your next burger craving, make sure you save them for the homeless.

2. A snow shovel or man-powered lawn mower to help out a local single mother, the elderly, and/or widowed neighbors.  I'm talking about you getting to work on their yards, not handing them mower-shaped gift wrap.

3. A day of serving others together followed by fellowship at your favorite lunch spot.  Many hands make a light load and if we all ask someone to join us in working the local soup kitchen, taking gifts to the needy, picking up trash around town, or playing music at the senior center, serving would be that much more fun and effective.

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