Monday, December 5, 2016

Song of Solomon

"I sleep, but mine heart waketh, it is the voice of my well-beloved that knocketh, saying, Open unto me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled: for mine head is full of dew, and my locks with the drops of the night." Solomon's Song 5:2

Have you ever chosen to walk away from Jesus even though you love Him?  When I was a child, I asked Jesus into my heart and as a teenager, I walked away from Him. Until I opened that door for Him again, I was the most miserable person in existence.  Even though I fell asleep at night, my heart was always awake, missing Him and listening for His voice just like in this scripture. I knew His voice so when He gently knocked on the door to my heart, I immediately recognized Him. In Song of Solomon 5:2, the husband knocks on the door and speaks so sweetly to his beloved even though she kicked him out and defiled herself.  Like Jesus, the husband asks for her to open the door. He points out that he's been outside for a while - hence the night dew in his hair; yet still he patiently waits for her. Of course he can open the door himself, but he's polite and is only willing to enter if he receives invitation.

Are you currently on the other side of the door from Jesus right now?  Do you hear Him knocking?  He's like that kind husband who still chooses to love his wife no matter how badly he's been treated and rejected. Also, He won't force Himself in and make you love Him. If Jesus barged right through that door, our relationship with Him would be more like a master/unwilling slave relationship rather than a husband/wife relationship. Instead, He patiently waits for you.

Quickly, open that door. Like a good husband, Jesus wants to forgive, protect, love, and lead you to everything that's good for you.

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