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LaVanilla Laboratories Deodorant

Most deodorants contain aluminum which is a neurotoxin. Read about the dangers here. The problem for us sweaty folk is that it’s very difficult to find an aluminum-free alternative.

I already mentioned that I’ll swipe witch hazel under my arms. Also, I find that a swipe of rubbing alcohol does the trick as well. But when I want to feel a bit more “normal,” I use Lavanilla Laboratories Solid Stick Deodorant.

My favorite scent is vanilla, so this is a no brainer, but when I spotted this Starlight Deo Trio, I was curious to try some of Lavanilla’s other scents. Here, we have Vanilla Snowberry, Pure Vanilla, and Vanilla Amber. All of which smell amazing! Snowberry has a hint of fruitiness and Vanilla Amber is more musky.

I highly recommend Lavanilla deodorants (I’ve repurchased numerous times) because they’ll have you smelling sweet, but be warned, no aluminum means no dryness after a while. I’m able to get past that knowing the benefits far outweigh the costs however.

Have you tried Lavanilla? Do you use aluminum free deodorant also?

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