Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Is Your Pain Blinding You?

For a while now, I've been feeling like I was wandering around in a desert like Hagar. Abraham and Sarah sent her and her son Ismael away after God told them He'll make a great nation from Ishmael. When Hagar ran out of water, she laid her suffering son down and walked about a football field away because she couldn't bear to watch him die. She wept hard because she took her eyes off God's promise and only saw her immediate circumstances. She cried so much, her eyes probably swelled shut and she was unable to see a well nearby. The Lord, in His mercy and grace, pointed out the well to Hagar. He told her to bring the water to Ishmael and to comfort him because they were going to live another day. I was hurt long ago and like Hagar, I took my eyes off God to see the stressors and (what looked like) dire situations around me. In my pain, I forgot the Lord's promises to me and I let that pain blind me to a point where I was unable to see a well nearby. I couldn't see the open doors and blessings the Lord was offering me. If you find yourself in a spiritual desert, don't wander around aimlessly, don't take your eyes off God, don't forget His promises, don't ever forget that He is faithful. Genesis 21:8-21

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