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In Place of Laundry Detergent

Up until a few years ago, I had very sensitive skin. The tiniest irritants triggered bright red hives. My tailor sweetly compared me to The Princess and the Pea. It felt so much worse than that though. Not only did the itching keep me awake, but it pestered me throughout the day.

Throughout the years, I started opting for the gentlest cosmetics and body care products I could find. I had pretty decent options everywhere except laundry detergent.

The synthetic scents from the detergents gave me headaches and pretty much every article of clothing still irritated my skin despite the detergent’s gentle claims.

I decided to try a combination of my trusty Liquid Dr Bronner’s and essential oils. Tea Tree, because of it’s anti fungal properties and lavender to repel moths and because it’s Aaron’s favorite scent.
Here’s my formula for one medium-large load of laundry…
1 Tablespoon of liquid Dr Bronner’s soap (unscented)
6 Drops tea tree essential oil
8 Drops lavender essential oil

The laundry comes out clean and fresh-smelling, plus I know our “detergent” is gentle and most likely not the culprit if any of us have a skin or allergy issue.

I will say, I believe my chiropractor, as well as going paleo for a time, in addition to this laundry “recipe” is what curbed my sensitive skin. However, I’ll happily stick with my Dr Bronner’s and essential oil concoction because it gets the job done for a fraction of the price of regular laundry detergent.

Have you tried any laundry detergent alternatives? If so, I’d love to hear your “recipes.”

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I thought that if I could be the hottest woman in the room, I would be able to capture attention and it would be mine for as long as I wanted. It didn't occur to me that the kind of attention I was seeking is a fleeting kind. In other words, it didn't matter if I was the most beautiful woman that guy had ever seen. The kind of guy who appreciated my immodesty had zero standards whatsoever. He'd hang on my every word until someone else's skin flashed by. He'd flirt with me and then turn around and flirt with every other girl as well. This guy didn't care about whose makeup was better, who was witty, who had better legs, who was nicest, etc. The kind of guy who is attracted to immodesty is only interested in one thing and that's not your heart. This dude has no other standards an…

FAITH: Are You Willing to Give God Anything He Wants?

Push Up popsicles are interesting.  In order to eat more ice cream, you need to literally push up the stick that's connected to the platform in which the ice cream sits.

My toddlers both lack the strength and dexterity to push up their Push Ups, so I have to make myself available to help them out.  One of my boys understands this.  As his ice cream dips below the cardboard container, he'll eagerly hand his treat over so I can push the stick upwards and he can continue eating.  My other boy doesn't yet understand why he needs my help.  He'd rather chew at the cardboard than willingly hand over his treat for two seconds.  Whenever it's time to push up his ice cream, he grips it tight and puts up a fight against me even though my motive is completely for his benefit.  I never take the ice cream for myself, I only obtain the Push Up in order to make it possible for my boys to have more ice cream.  So they don't have to resort to gnawing on soggy cardboard.

This remin…