Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It Is You

June 03, 2008 0
I cried at my desk Wednesday.

My boss and I disagreed over something and instead of hearing me out, he belittled me and then in the same vicious tone, asked if I was going to cry. I told him no, which I didn’t, said thank you (I’m a friggin schmuck, I know), and then walked back to my desk where I could shed indignant tears in privacy. It was obviously an awful day.

Instead of diving under my bed covers once I got off work, I went straight to praise night at church. It was amazing and comforting and exactly what I needed. Since then, I’ve been reminded that I have so many wonderful people I get to work with. I was much better yesterday, and I have plenty to look forward to this weekend.

Life is good – God is good.